Love the environment! Join us!

Our beaches are the bridge between our world and the ocean. Beaches are fragile environments. We must be attentive in how we treat these stretches of land. Each individual can better the ocean’s ecosystem by playing their part in keeping the beaches clean. The process is simple, easy, and a great lesson for the entire family!

This February we are showing our love for the environment by collaboration on the Beach Clean Up Event at Ocean Road Beach on the 17th, from 7am. Please join us! 

It is necessary to keep our beaches clean if we hope to keep our oceans clean. The sand and surf is far more than a place to build sand castles and take a dive. Beaches are home to various creatures from sea lions to sea turtles. Many animals depend on land to survive. Land that is untainted by chemical wastes or human wastes. Marine life, dwelling only in the water, are also affected by waste on beaches. When the tides rise, they collect items on the beach and take the items out when the water lowers, including trash. This can have negative effects on marine life.

Trash and plastic pollution affect 100 million marine mammals each year. Animals do not know that a shiny candy wrapper is not meant to be eaten. It can easily be mistaken as a fish or piece of kelp. If ingested our trash can cause harm. However, trash can cause injury even if it is not ingested, Creatures have been reported having straws stuck in their noses, or head stuck in plastic bottle rings.  There are ways to prevent this from happening to our ocean creatures. By keeping this environment trash free we help protect and preserve marine life.


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