Radar Recruitment goes live!

We kick off the year with the launch of the new website for Radar Recruitment. One of the leading recruitment companies in Tanzania and one of the nicest team we have worked with! New developments still under way…

We are so happy to have worked with the lovely Radar staff on this.

Looking for a fresh start on your career? Check out their website: http://www.radarrecruitment.co.tz/

A website is never ‘done’…

You can always make improvements, but waiting for a perfect website is a waste of time.

A website is never done… do not worry about the big ‘launch’… a site should be in constant move and change.

The more you wait to ‘launch’ your site, the less business you are getting… think of a site as if it was your shop display, it should never remain the same for a long period of time, change, experiment, keep the continuous improvements, listen to users feedback and enjoy it!

Here are 5 reasons why you should not wait:

1. It will never be ‘perfect’ – As with technology, challenges will be there on a daily basis, so keep a continuos work on your site, do not wait for the ‘perfect’

2. Nobody cares – Although the “big reveal” is important to your audience, most of your customers won’t be nearly as affected by your new site. Even when the biggest brands launch a new or updated site, the customers care only about the content or products and services that can help them, and about how easily they can reach those items. But not about the fact of the new site itself. They’d rather have a new site that works well with a few features pending than an old, outdated site that doesn’t serve them what they need as quickly as possible.

3. Your site is not a brochure going to press – Your site is not a piece of paper headed to print. It’s a money generating machine that grows a little bit every day, becoming better and more effective at helping you achieve your business goals, by helping your customers get what they need.

4. Delaying keeps you at the back of the pack – Delaying your launch so you can get every last detail right might give your competitors an online advantage.

5. Budget – Letting a site laying around for months after the planned launch date could certainly cause additional fees. Not only are you paying for a marketing platform you’re not using yet, but you’re sitting still in a moving system.

We have just ‘refreshed’ our site, and no, we are not doing a big launch for it, we will simply carry on improving it and we welcome your feedback.

Have a site that needs a refresh or need to start from scratch? Let’s talk 🙂


Creativity loading

We had a great 2017… we worked very hard and stayed humble… 12 new client accounts, 7 websites launched, 7 events branding, 2 exhibitions branding, 23 books, 5 new brands launched, hundreds of flyers and designs, a new office, new team members and plenty of wine tasting… Thanks to my wonderful team for such hard work, and now we are getting ready for a very very busy 2018! #keephumble #lovingwhatwedo #wearefamily#amicidesignrocks #amicidesign

Just relax….

Our staff received a lovely treat today from Just Relax – we had chair massage! Big thumbs up to the super professional staff from Just Relax. We will for sure recommend you and trying it again very soon! #becauseisfriday#amiciteam #amicidesign – Elizabeth Raymond Kherri Lightnessamici Amicidesign Kwakwa Nyenga Precious Farid 

Tusome Pamoja program

Tusome Pamoja program supported over 3,000 school communities to create action plans to address the needs and challenges of local schools…. and our team is very proud to have worked on the training materials, posters and illustrations! #educationbookdesign#lovingwhatwedo #amicidesign

New office

We have moved….

Goodbye Hemed…

Our team wishes all the best to our lovely Hemed who is now going to Dodoma University… Hemed completed his practical training with us and we are very proud of him…. good luck! #investinginfuture #helpingyouth#wearefamily #amicidesign

San Miguel beer product launch

Launch loading…. wishing our client MMI Tanzania a very succesful event. Our team was very happy to have worked on the branding for it. #mmitanzania #sanmiguelbeer #branding #amicidesign